Thriving Societies : Social Body Inquiry & Body-Based Feedback Loops

Are you one of the 99% that wants to stop the top 1% from running the world?

Then perhaps you will consider engaging the 95-99% biologically hard-wired, subconscious territory within you that is running YOU?...

Social Movements are all about mobility and transforming unjust, inequitable situations. When a person or group of people are experiencing a threatening situation, perceived or real, they are hard wired to fight, flight or freeze.

The degree of freeze and brainstem safety (subconscious somatic trust) in our collective systems functioning equals the level of mobility possible in any given social movement.

As social systems designers we need to know the level of fight, flight and freeze inherent in our social movements so that we can design appropriate strategies and interventions that create the context, conditions and environment for maximum safety, mobility and transformation.

Social Body Inquiry (SBI) offers a solution to these current process and information gaps, and allows social architechs to access and draw from much needed new scientific data sets. SBI is a Body Inquiry Design Science, which uses scientific data gathering methods to inquire, identify, document and apply emotional and biological body-based (response/reaction) feedback for the purpose of informing and accelerating sustainable, regenerative social change.

By documenting and graphically re-presenting body response patterns in recognizable manner, we can begin to understand in a whole new way, with whole new sets of information, how key social issues are really affecting us at our most primary level--in our bodies. Through Social Body Inquiry we can create body-based feedback loops which accelerate our transition into truly collaborative, sustainable and thriving societies.

Be prepared to be surprised as emergent somatic feedback loops arise, revealing the patterns that connect, disconnect and drive our social & political systems transformation efforts.

Social Body Inquiry works great for groups of any size in any situation:

*Conference Plenary

Ask key questions, record body responses, identify feedback patterns that connect, disconnect and drive key issues. Discover inherent levels of fight, flight and freeze in your change effort and develop strategies in real time to resolve, mobilize, and progress.

Provide your conference with state of the art Whole Systems Somatic Technologies which offer highly unique and transformative feedback loops and opportunities.

Give your participants the opportunity to learn about their individual and collective strengths, and to find new ways they may work together to more effectively mobilize Social Action & Change.

Use Social Body Inquiry in your daily business practice to accelerate:

  • team communication, coherency and productivity
  • resolution of old dysfunctional, unproductive practices
  • working through emotionally charged issues
  • innovation, synthesis and design processes



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