Thriving Individuals: Self-Regulation Education & Therapy

How fast do you bounce back from adversity, trauma and loss?... Would you like to learn some new skills, become more resilient and thrive beyond your imagination?...

Innate Intelligence offers Self-Regulation Education and Therapy (SRET). SRET restores the balance (or healthy self-regulation) in the nervous system resulting from accumulated stress and traumatic events, and it creates new neural pathways to contentment and joy. SRET helps our bodies integrate life’s overwhelming events in a natural way, using the tools and resources we already have, and it returns balance to our nervous system, relations and lives.

Without us even having to think about it, our Innate Intelligence regulates our body systems — self-regulation. We need healthy self-regulation in order to thrive and be response-able; that is, able-to-respond in the present moment to any situation in a balanced way.

When we are regulating well, we feel “re-sourced” or connected to Source. We are at once calm, grounded and ready to respond with full option and choice. We are present in the moment and our Innate Intelligence can express freely through our insights, intuition and innovative capacities.

When we experience a traumatic event in our life — such as a car accident, exposure to violence, or overwhelming stress — our nervous system is affected in a way that can impact the way we feel and relate to others.

By addressing healing, personal transformation and resiliency at your most primary biological and felt-sense levels, you can accelerate your evolution into a life you love, improve your relationships, and increase trust, creativity and connection in your personal and professional work engagements. Contact us today to begin reconnecting with your Innate Intelligence.

“Polla is a master tracker… I’m constantly amazed at what happens in my sessions! I suddenly have access to a way of being that I didn’t even know existed, and it’s a relief  for me to finally watch my body do what it’s been trying to do for so long: heal.”
~ KE, Business Owner, Marin, CA ~

“Polla Pratt is an amazing and masterful guide to achieving accelerated growth and emotional balance. She combines powerful somatic methodologies and skills with much heart, wisdom and generosity of spirit. Unlike in psychotherapy, every session with Polla brought releases, relief, and surprises. I always left our session work feeling integrated, balanced, and renewed. The effect of her training and support over time was so transformative and empowering that it helped me not only get back on my feet and recover from very difficult times, but begin again to create the life I want, including relaunching and redefining my work.

Over the years I've referred well over a dozen good friends to Polla for various reasons. Each had highly beneficial and surprising sessions. Her work introduced them, as it did me, to an entirely different and extremely effective body-based approach. They were all able to begin to move through obstacles and break out of stuck places in the first session. Some found one session was enough to resolve their issue; others were eager to continue -all were enthused and impressed with Polla’s mastery, approach, and the experience.”
~ L. K., Bay Area Writer ~

“Polla Pratt is a highly skilled and compassionate somatic therapist who creates a safe and trusting environment and aids clients in both connecting with trauma and emotional conflicts and accessing their innate capacity for insight, wisdom, and self-healing. I heartily recommend her. She will help you change your life.”
~ JR, Psychotherapist, New York ~

“I was in a high impact car accident about 2 years ago. I had been to dozens of doctors including MD’s, a Neurologist, a Radiologist, a Physical Therapist and even a Psychotherapist before I finally found my way to Polla Pratt. On the first session I experienced immediate relief.

Polla helped me understand and orient to the trauma in my body as well as how to access my own body’s phenomenal healing capacity. Polla helped me to heal in ways none of my doctors we able to. I felt better after the first session and after 9 sessions with Polla, I was done treating with all my doctors.”
~ SV, Architectural Engineer, Marin, CA ~

“As one who works with people, I found Polla to be a wise and compassionate healer. She is able to create a place of deep safety in little time, one that feels genuine. In our brief time working together I felt respected and seen. I recommend her and her work without reservation.”
~ DR, Couples Therapist, Vermont ~

“I found great comfort and support in my sessions with Polla Pratt after a car accident that left me badly shaken, hurt , scared and feeling  unsafe. Along with her professional expertise,  Polla offered  a  compassionate understanding for my situation and a caring attitude that deeply touched me and helped me regain trust in my body and my capacity to heal. She is very knowledgeable and I found working with Polla to be helpful and instructive, an essential step in opening to the healing process.”
~ SC, Investor/Artist, Marin, CA ~

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