Thriving in Spirituality & Presence of Being: The Power of Present Moment Felt-Sense Experience

Do you know the difference between when you yourself are moving and when you are being moved by something else?

Our Innate Intelligence moves through us.

Through our curiosity, open attention and allowing, we can experience through our felt-sense organs, spirit moving through our bodies.

Spirit moving through our bodies is an identifiable, palpable and trackable experience. The more sensory aware we become, we are more fully able to feel spirit moving through us!

Developing embodied spirituality and presence of being is primarily about getting current, by resolving the past, in order to become present in the moment.

As we resolve our past traumas and other un-integrated experiences, we can become more current in our body/mind, present in the moment, and grow our spiritual practice and capacities--changing our individual and collective futures.

Trauma is one of the great portals to enlightenment, yet we don’t need trauma to become enlightened through our embodiment of spirit.

Innate Intelligence connects us with a primordial consciousness that lives and evolves through all living creatures. The experience of this spirit moving through our flesh and bones is truly a Sacred experience.

Contact Innate Intelligence if you are interested in deepening your spiritual practice and presence of being.

“I worked with Polla for about 8 months to resolve some traumas which had haunted me since my childhood. The organic process she guided me through allowed me to heal without having to re-experience the horrors again. The whole experience was very deep and spiritual for me. I no longer feel cut off and alone—I feel fundamentally connected to my loved ones and nature through my body.  Polla helped me to change my life and I am sure that she can help you too.“
~ TM, Environmental Activist, San Francisco, CA ~

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