Thriving in Relationships: Co-Regulation & Collaboration

Did you know that your earliest primary relationship(s) provides a template in your nervous system that affect ALL your relationships as an adult?

This template and underlying physiological patterns carry any unresolved traumas from your current life, as well as from past familial generations, and operates outside of your conscious awareness.

Without conscious awareness of these implicit physiological patterns, we tend to choose partners, friends and work situations that enable us to re-enact our unresolved developmental and adult life traumas.

Through a new understanding of the biological nature of trauma and healthy self development we can bring conscious awareness to our patterns of thought and behavior that keep us stuck and from creating reciprocal, mutual, intimate relationships.

When we are not self-regulating or co-regulating well, either with our intimate loved ones or professional work mates, we can stay stuck, re-enacting our unresolved past. This pattern gets old and tiring very quickly and can destroy our attempts at creating loving, supportive and productive relationships.

Once we are able to consciously self-regulate and be response-able ourselves, we have the opportunity to find that place of attuned and healthy regulation with another person — called co-regulation.

Healthy co-regulation is an essential pre-condition for any thriving personal or professional collaboration. Healthy co-regulation happens when two or more people are self-regulating well and are able to respond to instead of react to one another.

When we experience healthy co-regulation, we can collaborate in creative, productive ways that bring us closer together, deepening and strengthening our relations, organizations and communities. Innate Intelligence addresses co-regulation and collaboration by supporting healthy self-regulation first and foremost.

Innate Intelligence provides conflicted couples, workmates and organizations with an education and practice that can be used immediately to start transforming relationships into truly collaborative, productive and meaningful engagements.

By addressing healing, personal transformation and resiliency on your most primary biological and sensate levels, you can accelerate your evolution into a life you love, improve your relationships, and increase trust, creativity and connection in your personal and professional work engagements. Contact us today to begin reconnecting with your Innate Intelligence.

“Polla worked with us over a course of several weeks when we'd run into some apparently-irresolvable "couples problems".  She quickly understood what was needed, and was very clear in guiding us to recognize our individual issues and how they affected our interaction.  With her help, we were able to overcome our "stuck places" and move toward a more loving form of collaboration.  Our work with her also equipped us to change the way we communicate with each other, which has had positive, ongoing effects.  We strongly recommend Polla Pratt to any couple who's tired of their repetitive drama and wants to step up their relationship to a more conscious and loving form of interaction.”
~ HM, Business Owner, and GH, Consultant, Marin, CA ~

“In one session with Polla Pratt, I was able to address and resolve within myself a very stressful situation with an employee. Polla taught me how to work with the charge in my nervous system that was triggered by an on-going situation.  When I returned to work I was able to communicate about how I became triggered into an old reaction and successfully resolved the situation.  I now have a much better understanding and mutually respectful relationship with this employee. I also gained valuable new skills to help me stay grounded and conscious when I get triggered in the future. Great results for just one session—I will be back for more!”
~ MD, ED Non-profit, Sonoma, CA ~

“We had been in and out of couples psychotherapy over the years and nothing had really changed. We were back on another edge and knew that our extremely stressed relationship was hurting our kids. We were about to throw in the towel when we heard from a friend about Polla Pratt’s work with couples. We called, had a brief phone conversation and decided to give this--new to us--somatic approach a try.  By the end of the first session we had gained a new understanding of the subconscious nature of our relationship and had identified some major behaviors that were driving our relationship and family to despair. After a few months of combined individual and joint sessions we are now closer than ever. With Polla, we developed the understanding, compassion and skills necessary to truly see and support one another in the present moment, while either or both of us are experiencing a triggered reaction from the past. The most important thing is that our family is now in-tact and we are teaching our children new ways of being and relating so that they can be successful in their relationships throughout their lives. Polla’s work extends to out to future generations is valuable beyond measure.”
~ DB, Entrepreneur, and SB, Artist/Mom, Marin, CA ~

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