Thriving in Organizations, Communities, Businesses & Groups: Somatic Patterns that Connect, Disconnect & Drive Us

How much do you know about accessing, aligning and mobilizing the 95-99% implicit drivers that run your organization, community, business and or group?

Inherent within any organizational or community development process are somatic patterns that connect, disconnect and drive us.

There are valuable hidden subconscious resources within each participant as well as powerful subconscious somatic drivers such as insecure attachment, missed development windows and accumulated adult life traumas.

Development efforts must identify and address the somatic patterns that connect, disconnect and drive its leaders and participants, in order to be, on the most basic levels, biologically conscious, integrative and response-able.

When development efforts do not adopt education and practices that draw from hidden subconscious resources and create understanding and agreements around how to deal with dis-regulating, dis-organizing and dis-functional somatic drivers, it greatly limits productivity, profitability and biological viability, and runs the risk of overwhelming even the most well intended development efforts.

Innate Intelligence educates leaders and participants in organizational and community development processes about self-regulation, co-regulation and collaboration basics.

This primary education guides us to become more aware and response-able for how our unresolved past effects all our relations, and creates triggers in the present that re-enact and perpetuate our individual and collective unresolved past.

We can only begin to get current and ultimately productive as a whole organization or community once the individuals involved are attuned to their innate intelligence themselves.

With over 15 years of inquiry, experimentation and professional application, Innate Intelligence has developed a self-empowered whole-systems somatic worldview, education and practice that addresses, maximizes and transforms the somatic patterns that connect, disconnect and drive us. Contact us to learn more about how you and your organization or community can build a biologically aware culture of communication that accelerates your whole systems development and increases your organic productivity and profits.

“The Organic Intelligence work is highly innovative and helpful in accelerating creative solutions to pressing organizational issues. In a two hour group session I resolved a complex organizational issue that had been bothering me for weeks.”
~ Shirley Edwards, VP—XEROX Palo Alto Research Center ~

"Polla has many talents, among them a great capability for dialogue and listening and finding the right stream of questions. Polla's work is valuable beyond measure to any development effort."
~ Frederic Richard, Director of Industrial Strategies and Policies, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

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