Thriving in Meetings, Retreats and Conferences: Building Somatic Trust

What is the single most productive, profitable and biologically regenerative thing meeting designers, planners and facilitators can do?

In every meeting situation, there exists conscious trust and subconscious trust. Creating successful context, conditions and environment for not only conscious trust but for subconscious somatic trust to thrive in your meetings is the single most productive, profitable, biologically regenerative and response-able thing meeting designers, planners and facilitators can do.

By building somatic trust you can organically accelerate and increase the integrity of your collaborations, your capacity for risk taking, your innovative potential and your bottom line productivity and profitability. All these activities are complexly integrated and are based on somatic trust if they are to be biologically, systemically and sustainably valuable.

Creating a field of subconscious somatic trust is as much an art as it is a science. It is an intuitive and learned skill which requires a certain degree of somatic sensitivity and cultural awareness to pull off on a regular basis.

Innate Intelligence teaches you the art and science of creating successful context, conditions and environment for subconscious somatic trust to occur in your meetings, allowing you to organically facilitate thriving, biologically sound decisions, designs and results.

The #1 Meeting Killer and Barrier to Regenerative Development

Despite dominant paradigm and mainstream practice, top down talking head meetings are highly abstract, fragmented and out of balance. They are ultimately biologically harmful as they invite and allow only a small part of our whole selves to engage (our youngest most enculturated brain), thereby decreasing somatic trust, and perpetuating and deepening our somatic and biological dissociation.

These unseen, misunderstood dissociative feedback loops are wracking us and keeping us stuck re-enacting our unresolved, un-integrated trans-generational traumatized past.

Furthermore, talking head meetings prevent us from producing naturally adaptive, biologically sound, thriving whole systems solutions to the complex problems we ourselves and our humanity now faces.

If you are ready to put an end to this “meeting madness” and would like to gain the Somatic Advantage necessary to make the shift from irresponsible talking heads meetings to truly transformative, biologically integrative, somatic trust based meetings, contact Innate Intelligence now and ask about our custom consulting and Somatic Trust Building Programs—a technology transfer which is certain to return on your investment by 100% (in the first year) in people, productivity and profits.

“Polla’s Innate Intelligence work allowed us to stay creative, productive and fresh in our 18 hour meetings.  Her biological and body based approach to meeting facilitation is highly innovative, engaging, productive and fun. We wish we could have Polla at all our meetings.”
~ President Fox’s, Economic Development Transition Team, Mexico City

“Several years ago, three weeks after the infamous 9/11, I hosted an International Conference on Regional Economic Development in Tucson.  On the last day Polla Pratt’s emergent, participatory “Hot Topics” presentation on the “Processes Used for Regional Economic Development” turned out to be one of the hottest sessions in our three day conference.
In fact, I needed to change the schedule on the last day so that the international presenters that were scheduled to present opposite her would not have to speak to near empty rooms. She is a known and respected person in the field. The innovative Hot Topics process engaged valuable participant feedback from over the three days (that would have been otherwise lost) and maximized participant’s passion, participation and motivation to take action.
Participants left the Conference feeling that they got something and that it had been re-bundled into something they could take home and use.  The self-organized working groups that emerged were highly productive as they identified and addressed a host of topics including planning for the next year’s conference.”

~ Bob Breault ~
Chairman, Bob Breault Research Organization, Inc.
Policy Advisor, The Competitiveness Institute; Barcelona, Spain
Inventor, Hubble Telescope Optical Lense
Arizona Optics Industry Association (18Years)
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