Thriving in Regenerative Education & Development

We all know the phrase ‘What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves’. Why is it then, that we knowingly keep feeding the ‘suicide economy’ and expressing outdated, unsustainable and harmful behaviors that will ultimately destroy our environment, ourselves and our loved ones?

Innate Intelligence understands and addresses this escalating global pathology as a primary result of accumulated unresolved trauma, markedly so throughout the last several hundred years.

Unresolved trauma is passed down through generations. The accumulative (subconscious autonomic) effects are now manifest in exponential positive feedback loops which are further dissociating us en mass.

How can we break this vicious cycle and save future generations and ourselves?

How can we successful create context, conditions, environment and feedback loops which promote enough subconscious somatic trust for us individually and collectively to take the perceived and real risks necessary to fundamentally change our ways?

These are fundamental questions of our time and require that we work together in new ways that utilize our innate evolutionary body intelligence and whole brain capacities, and stop using the fragmented quarter-brained approaches which have caused and perpetuate this unprecedented dilemma in the first place.

As our environment becomes increasingly toxic our innate body response is to shut down, disassociate and protect itself. It is essential that environmental (and all other) educational programs include: connection to the body in ways that increase our capacities for self-regulation, co-regulation and increasingly conscious collaboration.

We need to connect, not disconnect from our environment in order to healthily maintain self-regulation, co-regulation and collaboration around the key environmental issues we are now facing.

Remember, the answers are within--that is how nature designed us.


Preventing us from the Pending Human Created Mass Extinction

The Innate Intelligence within us is like the grandma of all grandmas. She has lived through several mass extinctions and has the experience and wisdom to prevent us from the current and pending human created mass extinction.

She implicitly knows our evolutionary past and is capable of guiding us, through our felt-sense experience, into thriving relationships with each other and the natural world that sustains us.

HOW? the biggest question in any development effort. Innate Intelligence addresses how we develop through a self-empowered, whole-systems somatic worldview, education and practice which serves to bridge the exponentially widening gap of biological and somatic dissociation, and accelerate regenerative thoughts, actions and relationships.

By working from our inside out and ensuring our education and development efforts adopt a new biological body-sense Somatic Standard, we can begin to take substantial and meaningful steps towards personal and collective resolution, integration and biologically sound progress. Contact Innate Intelligence if you would like support integrating the seemingly separate internal/external functioning reality of Environmental Education, Advocacy and Regenerative Development.

“I appreciate the positive energy and personal commitment Polla brings to her community involvement.  As a guest on my KWMR Post Carbon radio show, she challenged our county supervisor to take important actions to bring Marin Clean Energy into being.  With Transition West Marin, Polla helped form the Bolinas Group that stayed true to an Open Space format, respecting the principles of inclusion and diversity.

I know Polla to be exceptionally dedicated to helping people, from all walks of life, move toward their life's goals, by getting in touch with their somatic core.  At a recent Marin Sustainables Chautauqua, Polla led the large group in a physical exercise that was energizing and greatly appreciated by all.  I know her to be both professional and compassionate in her group interactions.”
~ Bernie Stephan ~
Transition West Marin Co-founder,
Sustainable Marin Director, Marin Association of Realtors Director, Co-Host KWMR Post Carbon Radio Show

“I met Polla Pratt in 2003 in one of my Permaculture Intensives. Since then I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Polla in various capacities: proposal writing, business strategy, marketing and event planning, and most recently collaborating on Transition West Marin.
Polla is a well-grounded, highly skilled, innovative whole systems designer who offers rare and valuable somatic perspectives and practices to the field of regenerative  development. I highly recommend working with Polla Pratt.”
~ Penny Livingston Stark ~
Co-Founder Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness Institute
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