Somatics & Whole Systems Design Approach

Simply said, Soma means "body" in greek, and Somatics refers to a body-centered approach. Whole Systems Design, is a whole systems thinking and design approach that is context specific--in this case the context is a body-based inquiry practice that addresses personal, organizational and social development.

As an experienced Masters level Whole Systems Process Designer, I designed Innate Intelligence's Somatic-based Whole Systems Development Approach to articulate and deliver practical "missing link" education, training and results, and to introduce a new standard setting, biological body-based Somatic Learning Process.

This standard setting Somatic Learning Process (SLP) is universal and applies to all fields of education and development. This SLP has been tested and proven to accelerate personal & social trust, collaboration, risk-taking and innovation, and to increase individual and organizational productivity and profitability (in large and small scale economic and organizational development initiatives, as well as in personal and couples work contexts).

By learning how our innate biological, body systems drive our beliefs, thoughts, actions and relationships; and by learning and applying effective somatic skills; we can begin to recognize, reframe, rewire and resolve traumas and unhealthy, preprogramed beliefs, behaviors and identities.

Yes, with proper (neuro-psychological) somatic support you, you can change your DNA, change your relational feedback loops and free yourself from what holds you back from living the most enjoyable, meaningful and satisfying life, no matter your circumstance.

My model below represents the integration and synthesis of over 20 years of multi-disciplinary scientific research, somatic training, professional application, and my own personal & relational growth work.

Innate Intelligence's Somatic Based Whole Systems Process Modelinnate-intelligence-process

Innate Intelligence starts within the individual and permeates every type of human interaction…

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