Somatic Sessions

Did you know that 95-99% of your life is driven by your hardwired biological, subconscious patterning?

I provide personal experiential sessions that help you to identify, access, discharge and resolve traumas and accumulated stress on the most primary body levels in which they are stored. Through safe integrated somatic practices you can become more resolved, empowered and energized. When these charges are too big to resolve and rewire yourself, experienced Innate Intelligence somatic trauma practitioners can help you to:

  • Receive the personal attention, specialized support and professional guidance you need to navigate and resolve traumatized, stuck places within you
  • Learn basics of self-regulation, co-regulation and collaboration, and become more truly self-empowered
  • Learn to access, work with, discharge and organically resolve your traumas without having to relive them as they were
  • Learn how your body gets triggered, how much survival energy is trapped in your body, and how releasing it can profoundly affects all of your relationships!

Scheduling Sessions

Sessions may be scheduled by phone or email. Please indicate whether you would like to schedule your session at the Sebastopol office location or on Video Skype.

Upon scheduling your first session, you will receive by email a Consent form. Please print, fill in and bring with you to your first session this Consent Form. For ongoing session work, it is recommended that you find a day and a time that works for you and get into a rhythm with it.

Preparing for Sessions

I strongly encourage you to prepare for sessions. Any time you can give to considering what is going on with you and what is most important to work on in session is very helpful. In doing so, you prioritize, orient and ripen yourself for intentional session work.

Please take at least 5-10 minutes just prior to the session to sit quiet, tune in to your body, and notice what is going on. This way, when you start the session you are, for the most part, settled as you can be and ready to work with an organized idea of what is most important for you to work on.

Session Work

Innate Intelligence is a somatic-based inquiry practice. The less you talk, the more you will experience. The more time you spend attending to your bodily senses in session, the more productive your session will be. It is good to remember that our traumas and issues are in our bodies, not in the stories we tell. The overall goal is brain-based behavioral changes, neural integration and increased joy and contentment.

I use a wholistic, compassionate and inquiry based approach to help you identify your triggers and symptoms, track reactions and responses, slow down and spread out nervous system charges, and settle and integrate your changes.

Sessions usually include working with your sensations, images, affects, meanings and behavior. We work together to support you in:

  • Cultivating a practice of mindfulness (detached observation)
  • Developing sensory awareness (tuning into and regulating your body’s cues)
  • Gaining impulse control (skillfulness handling two conflicting feelings or thoughts at the same time)
  • Accessing internal and external resources and new states of being

We will look at the stories you have about trauma and learn to use them as portals to the nervous system since trauma lives in the nervous system, not in the story.

With this approach, you can access and work directly with the deeper subconscious parts of you that are holding the trauma or stuck pattern in place — bringing relief from unresolved traumas including early (pre-verbal) life trauma that is not accessible by clinical psychotherapies.

Post Session Integration Time

The neural changes you set in motion during session work will continue to integrate for at least a couple of days. The more slowed down and less taxed your brain and body are, the better able your system is to integrate. Drinking lots of water and going easy will allow you to maximize the benefits from each session. It is best to stay away from alcohol and or any recreational drugs as they impair integration. Post session integration time is a time of great learning and growth. I encourage every client to plan for as much time after each session as possible.

Session Fees

  • Individual Session 1.5 hour $225
  • Package of six 1.5 hour Weekly Sessions $175 per session (you save $300)
  • Package of ten 1.5 hour Weekly Sessions $150 per session (you save $750)

*Individual in-office session fees are due at the end of every session.

*Individual Skype session fees are to be paid at time of scheduling in order to confirm and hold the session time and date.

*Session packages are pre-scheduled, weekly sessions, same day, same time, and are paid in full before starting the series.

*If you are paying on PayPal, you will need to add a 3% to cover PayPal fees.

*To avoid extra fees, it is possible to send check or money order within the United States. Please request postal address for this payment method.


If you need to cancel a pre-scheduled individual session, please do so within 48 hours of your scheduled time so that your session time can be re-booked. If you do not cancel within 48 hours, then you will be expected to pay for the session.

There are no refunds on cancelled, pre-paid individual sessions, however it can be possible to reschedule same week (subject to session time/date availability).

If you cant make a pre-scheduled session package session, I will try to reschedule you the same week, but it is not always possible. If it is not possible, then you will lose that session.

By addressing healing, personal transformation and resiliency on your most primary biological and sensate levels, you can accelerate your evolution into a life you love, improve your relationships, and increase trust, creativity and connection in your personal and professional work engagements. Contact us today to begin reconnecting with your Innate Intelligence.

“Polla is a master tracker… I’m constantly amazed at what happens in my sessions! I suddenly have access to a way of being that I didn’t even know existed, and it’s a relief  for me to finally watch my body do what it’s been trying to do for so long: heal.”
~ KE, Business Owner, Marin, CA ~

“Polla Pratt is a highly skilled and compassionate somatic therapist who creates a safe and trusting environment and aids clients in both connecting with trauma and emotional conflicts and accessing their innate capacity for insight, wisdom, and self-healing. I heartily recommend her. She will help you change your life.”
~ JR, Psychotherapist, New York ~

“Polla Pratt is an amazing and masterful guide to achieving accelerated growth and emotional balance. She combines powerful somatic methodologies and skills with much heart, wisdom and generosity of spirit. Unlike in psychotherapy, every session with Polla brought releases, relief, and surprises. I always left our session work feeling integrated, balanced, and renewed. The effect of her training and support over time was so transformative and empowering that it helped me not only get back on my feet and recover from very difficult times, but begin again to create the life I want, including relaunching and redefining my work.

Over the years I've referred well over a dozen good friends to Polla for various reasons. Each had highly beneficial and surprising sessions. Her work introduced them, as it did me, to an entirely different and extremely effective body-based approach. They were all able to begin to move through obstacles and break out of stuck places in the first session. Some found one session was enough to resolve their issue; others were eager to continue -all were enthused and impressed with Polla’s mastery, approach, and the experience.”
~ L. K., Bay Area Writer ~

“As one who works with people, I found Polla to be a wise and compassionate healer. She is able to create a place of deep safety in little time, one that feels genuine. In our brief time working together I felt respected and seen. I recommend her and her work without reservation.”

~ DR, Couples Therapist, Vermont ~

Polla helped me understand and orient to the trauma in my body as well as how to access my own body’s phenomenal healing capacity. Polla helped me to heal in ways none of my doctors we able to. I felt better after the first session and after 9 sessions with Polla, I was done treating with all my doctors.”
~ SV, Architectural Engineer, Marin, CA ~

“I found great comfort and support in my sessions with Polla Pratt after a car accident that left me badly shaken, hurt , scared and feeling  unsafe. Along with her professional expertise,  Polla offered  a  compassionate understanding for my situation and a caring attitude that deeply touched me and helped me regain trust in my body and my capacity to heal. She is very knowledgeable and I found working with Polla to be helpful and instructive, an essential step in opening to the healing process.”
~ SC, Investor/Artist, Marin, CA ~

“In one session with Polla Pratt, I was able to address and resolve within myself a very stressful situation with an employee. Polla taught me how to work with the charge in my nervous system that was triggered by an on-going situation.  When I returned to work I was able to communicate about how I became triggered into an old reaction and successfully resolved the situation.  I now have a much better understanding and mutually respectful relationship with this employee. I also gained valuable new skills to help me stay grounded and conscious when I get triggered in the future. Great results for just one session—I will be back for more!”
~ MD, ED Non-profit, Sonoma, CA ~

“We had been in and out of couples psychotherapy over the years and nothing had really changed. We were back on another edge and knew that our extremely stressed relationship was hurting our kids. We were about to throw in the towel when we heard from a friend about Polla Pratt’s work with couples. We called, had a brief phone conversation and decided to give this--new to us--somatic approach a try.  By the end of the first session we had gained a new understanding of the subconscious nature of our relationship and had identified some major behaviors that were driving our relationship and family to despair. After a few months of combined individual and joint sessions we are now closer than ever. With Polla, we developed the understanding, compassion and skills necessary to truly see and support one another in the present moment, while either or both of us are experiencing a triggered reaction from the past. The most important thing is that our family is now in-tact and we are teaching our children new ways of being and relating so that they can be successful in their relationships throughout their lives. Polla’s work extends to out to future generations is valuable beyond measure.”
~ DB, Entrepreneur, and SB, Artist/Mom, Marin, CA ~

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