Somatic Consulting

Innate Intelligence Somatic Consulting can take on many forms and functions: leadership development and coaching for staff and core leaders; visioning; strategy development; action planning and implementation; changing organizational cultures; training design and facilitation; building movements for economic, social, and environmental change.

What makes II somatic consulting different then just regular business consulting is that II somatic consulting excavates, explores  and transforms underlying assumptions, beliefs, identities, emotions, and thoughts (and really so much more, but these are core) in embodied ways--thereby transforming the very drivers of human communication and interaction, and accelerating intended changes.

By engaging embodied transformational change at the most primary level we operate on (that is the subconscious autonomic nervous system level), we are able to invite and facilitate deep, accelerated, lasting change in the leaders and organizations that we work with.

II consulting provides somatic education, training and therapy for leaders of progressive economic, social and environmental organizations and movements, through in-person and virtual engagements.

We collaboratively work with leaders, organizers, and team members to design and deliver powerful somatic methodologies that deepen individual, organizational and systemic healing and transformation, and that help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

II somatic methodologies are informed by Whole Systems Design (living systems) principles that support the increasing of our capacities to hold complexity while making aligned collective actions that support the good of the whole system in which we are working.

II acknowledges and honors symbiotic relationships, as well as potentially threatening relationships and counter movements. We work to increase embodied response-ability and to decrease re-action (based on unresolved past experiences).

By resolving past experiences that are getting in the way, we can become more present in the moment, and we can become better equipped to create new solutions to the pressing issues we are now facing in our personal and professional lives.

Innate Intelligence has over 15 years of applied somatic practice working with the leaders of governments, educational institutions, non-profits, communities and businesses such as XEROX, Boeing and Pemex helping them achieve greater operating efficiencies, teamwork harmonies and creative solutions to pressing challenges. Contact us to learn more about our Somatic Business & Leadership Coaching packages and custom Leadership Development Trainings and how you can gain the Somatic Advantage.

“Polla’s Innate Intelligence work allowed us to stay creative, productive and fresh in our 18 hour meetings.  Her biological and body based approach to meeting facilitation is highly innovative, engaging, productive and fun. We wish we could have Polla at all our meetings.”
~ President Fox’s, Economic Development Transition Team, Mexico City

"Polla has many talents, among them a great capability for dialogue and listening and finding the right stream of questions. Polla's work is valuable beyond measure to any development effort."
~ Frederic Richard, Director of Industrial Strategies and Policies, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

“The Organic Intelligence work is highly innovative and helpful in accelerating creative solutions to pressing organizational issues. In a two hour group session I resolved a complex organizational issue that had been bothering me for weeks.”
~ Shirley Edwards, VP—XEROX Palo Alto Research Center ~

“Polla’s approach to Leadership training facilitation is extraordinarily fun, innovative and effective. She quickly became our most popular facilitator. She made valuable design and development contributions which improved the training and effectiveness of other facilitators as well as the overall global success of the program. I highly recommend working with Polla Pratt.”
~ Nancy Cook, VP—Boeing Center for Leadership and Learning ~

“Growing our state economy is the most challenging it has ever been. Now more than ever we need new kinds of leaders to show us the way. Polla Pratt is one of these leaders. Last weekend we showed up in an unexpected situation.  Without skipping a beat, Polla jumped in and in no time turned an under resourced, overwhelmed situation into an organized, collaborative and profitable situation. Shortly afterwards, the story hit the community and inspired a new coming together in more collaborative, productive and profitable ways. Thank you, Polla!”
~ Randy Hatzenbuhler, Leader, North Dakota New Economy Initiative; President, Theodore Roosevelt Foundation ~

“Polla’s work with our business and government leaders helped mobilize them in new and innovative ways, ultimately making our state more attractive to outside investors and businessmen. Her work is valuable beyond measure.”
~ Rafael Tatua, Secretary of Investment Attraction, State of Campeche, Mexico ~

“Several years ago, three weeks after the infamous 9/11, I hosted an International Conference on Regional Economic Development in Tucson.  On the last day Polla Pratt’s emergent, participatory “Hot Topics” presentation on the “Processes Used for Regional Economic Development” turned out to be one of the hottest sessions in our three day conference.

In fact, I needed to change the schedule on the last day so that the international presenters that were scheduled to present opposite her would not have to speak to near empty rooms. She is a known and respected person in the field. The innovative Hot Topics process engaged valuable participant feedback from over the three days (that would have been otherwise lost) and maximized participant’s passion, participation and motivation to take action.

Participants left the Conference feeling that they got something and that it had been re-bundled into something they could take home and use.  The self-organized working groups that emerged were highly productive as they identified and addressed a host of topics including planning for the next year’s conference.”
~ Bob Breault ~
Chairman, Bob Breault Research Organization, Inc.
Policy Advisor, The Competitiveness Institute; Barcelona, Spain
Inventor, Hubble Telescope Optical Lense
Arizona Optics Industry Association (18Years)

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