An Invitation

If a friend offered you the opportunity to meet and learn from a teacher that has more than 4 billion years of life experience and evolutionary wisdom — would you say yes?

The practice, is body-based inquiry.
The teacher, is over 4 billion years old.
The context, is whole systems development.
The science, is evolutionary, interpersonal neuro-biology.
The result, is accelerated human change.

Our Greatest Teachers are Within

Our Innate Intelligence (inborn intelligence) stretches across time and space and connects us with the natural world through our felt-sense experience. This teacher, Innate Intelligence, is a thriving, infinitely creative life Source--and when consciously accessed and worked with in certain ways, is an accelerated human development approach.

The practice of Innate Intelligence acknowledges and honors that our greatest teachers and sources of healing, enlightenment and empowerment are within us.

Our Innate intelligence is the inborn wisdom or intelligence of our body that allows us to adapt to our environment in order to survive. It is our body's ability to regulate itself in relation with its environment.

Our Innate Intelligence is what is responsible for all the proper functioning and coordination of the trillions of cells in our body so that we can breathe, digest food, heal our injuries and relations... and everything needed for us to be alive.

When we are over-stressed or have been traumatized we can become triggered and react more haphazardly, and can cause our ability to self-regulate to become impaired. The magnitude of our triggered reactions represent the degree of dis-regulation, dis-organization and dis-function in our nervous system.

When we are in reaction (to a person or situation) we are not fully conscious in the present moment — in fact, we are stuck, re-enacting our unresolved past. From this place, we are not able-to-respond in healthy ways, and are not able to create new stories, relations and lives.

This Intelligence is responsible for hardwiring our survival instincts (fight, flight, freeze)—our natural protective responses to threatening situations. When we lose a harmonious relationship with our Innate Intelligence (due to unresolved trauma, missed development windows, and overwhelming stress), we suffer greatly as we lose healthy connection with ourselves, our relationships and the evolutionary life source that has created and sustained us for millions of years.


A look into Innate-Intelligence in practice…

I use a wholistic, compassionate and inquiry based approach to help you identify your triggers and symptoms, track reactions and responses, slow down and spread out nervous system charges, and settle and integrate your changes.

Sessions usually include working with your sensations, images, affects, meanings and behavior. We work together to support you in:

  • Cultivating a practice of mindfulness (detached observation)
  • Developing sensory awareness (tuning into and regulating your body’s cues)
  • Gaining impulse control (skillfulness handling two conflicting feelings or thoughts at the same time)
  • Accessing internal and external resources and new states of being

We will look at the stories you have about trauma and learn to use them as portals to the nervous system since trauma lives in the nervous system, not in the story.

With this approach, you can access and work directly with the deeper subconscious parts of you that are holding the trauma or stuck pattern in place — bringing relief from unresolved traumas including early (pre-verbal) life trauma that is not accessible by clinical psychotherapies.

Fast-Track INNOVATION (for Personal & Business)

I use proven methods to help you accelerate the creation of innovative solutions to the pressing challenges you are facing.

My custom, context specific practice applies to visioning, brainstorming and strategic planning activities, as well as for rapidly boosting peoples lives and organizations into thriving states of creativity.

By shaping and articulating a context of inquiry, and then inputting new nonlinear information (breath, movement and sound) into our bodies, we can directly stimulate and participate in an extremely productive and creative interaction with our Innate Intelligence.

By sensitively and artfully engaging our Innate Intelligence we can effectively send our bodies into a state of creative flux -- paving new neural pathways and expediting neural growth and accelerated whole systems changes.

This is a somatic, self-empowered, whole-systems, science-based, proactive approach to innovation and change.

It offers fresh feedback loops, in real time, packed with newly integrated alchemies, solutions and visions of what is possible--and can be used with private individuals as well as professional groups.

Fast-Track HEALING

By connecting with our felt-senses through body-based inquiry we can invite what is within us (using content from old stories) to emerge, communicate and guide our healing--so that we may transform our old patterned traumas and stories into empowered new capabilities.

This is a highly creative, naturalistic approach to resolving past traumas and overwhelming experiences, without having to relive them as they were.

I developed this process to heal myself and have used it effectively to help both private individuals and professional organizations to heal and change themselves from the inside out and the outside in.

Fast-Track CHANGE

The act of being in inquiry changes the alchemical state of our body. When we engage in body inquiry we shift our attention and physiology from culturally bound assumptive, judgmental constrictive patterning to fresh in the moment, curious, open and expanded states in our nervous system and physiology.

More specifically, using body-based inquiry we can tap into and be informed by the over 4 billion years of evolutionary experience and wisdom that has developed our Innate Intelligence.

Our most profound teachers are within. By consciously engaging our body-sense awareness through inquiry, we can accelerate new connections in the body’s operating system and rewire ourselves for increasingly complex, innovative and integrated changes in our lives.

The fastest way to change? Slow down.

The faster we go, the less we feel and are aware of. The slower we go, the more we feel and are aware of.

It takes more consciousness and internal resources to go slower. As we slow down, we can become increasingly aware of what is going on in our bodies and minds.

By mindfully slowing down, we can safely meet and melt defenses. We can also gain deeper access to our felt-sense present moment awareness making it possible to tend to ourselves on the most primary, sensate, innately intelligent levels we function on.

When we make conscious changes at this level we effectively set in motion integrated whole-person, whole-systems change.

The best way to make biologically sound decisions?
...Use your common-senses.

Conscious somatic self-regulation of our own physiology is imperative in any Biologically Sound Decision Making Process. If we are not individually and collectively in harmony and biologically co-regulating in optimal ways we lose capacity to make biologically sound decisions that are truly adaptive, integrative and good for the whole.

The fastest, most efficient and reliable way to gain full faculty of our common senses for biologically sound decision-making is somatic (body) based inquiry combined with present moment felt-sense experience.

The more we develop our somatic (sensory) awareness capacity and learn to track our inner selves through our felt-body sense experience, the better able we are to track and support ourselves, our collaborators and all other living systems, and the better we are able to make biologically sound decisions that are good for the whole.

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