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The answers to our personal, professional and global challenges are within us--because that is how nature designed us.

However, 95-99% of what drives people to be the way they are and do the things they do is primarily subconscious, hardwired, and preprogramed.

This sublime inner territory can be very difficult to access, track and work with, without proper education, practice and support.

Whether your challenges are personal or professional, or whether they involve repairing relationships, resolving trauma, anxiety and depression, or dealing with adversity and loss, the practices of Innate Intelligence offer you decades of experience and proven ways to help you navigate this vast and potent inner territory through self-empowered, somatic skills based, education, training and therapy.

By drawing from and combining breakthroughs in over two dozen different disciplines including brain science, interpersonal neuro-biology and body-based inquiry, Innate Intelligence savvy professionals collaboratively work with you to custom innovate and apply effective somatic change strategies that transform personal and organizational stress, anxiety and trauma into new empowered capabilities.


I am Polla Pratt, I founded Innate Intelligence, Inc. in 1999. I am a world-leading specialist in somatics and applied whole-systems design with over 15 years of U.S. and international practice, scientific research and professional application.

I believe that developing our Innate Intelligence through somatic skills training is a missing link to resolving personal, social, economic, environmental and spiritual issues.

I invite you to explore my website and to learn about the Fundamentals of Your Body's Own Innate Intelligence and how you can use it to transform your most challenging issues into newly empowered capabilities.

Call me for a FREE 15 minute initial consultation to discuss an Innate Intelligent Approach to your situation, assess your result potential, and to answer any questions you may have.

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